now boarding…

So I’m starting another blog. If your response is, “I.can’t.take.any.more.words.from.her.” then please, don’t read it.
If your response is “Great! I’ll follow that one!” then please, read it.
If your response is “Oh, she’s too blunt, and sometimes a little irreverent. I find her a little offensive.” then definitely read it.

The King

The King

This isn’t my first blog, the other one I’ve posted some…and then less…and then none. So I’ve picked up my bag of stuff and squeezed again onto the packed train of bloggers. There’s the Political Bloggers, reading all the other Political Bloggers and vacillating between looking very grumpy and doing face palms. Then there’s the Cooking Bloggers, sardined into their seats with their pots and pans and EVOO and chocolate…so.much.chocolate. There’s the Fashion Bloggers, wearing prints that haven’t been put together since a scarf booth at a Turkish street fair. Over there are the Crafting Bloggers, waiting for the other Bloggers to throw away the sleeves from their coffee cups or perhaps lose a button–because it all has potential…so.much.potenitial. And there’s the Mommy Bloggers, on their way to the Farmer’s Market with their brood of beautifully dressed children, who have been told if they are naughty, their monthly ration of Netflix will go from 25 minutes to 15, and if they’re good, they will get an extra-big quinoa&kale smoothie when they get home. And me. With my Mary Poppins bag of Two Boys, Art, Book Reviews.. Movie Reviews…Food Reviews (oh How I love to eat!)…Travels…Cartoons…General Opinions on Everything… you get the idea.



We just moved to Virginia in the beginning of June, and I’m still working on my house (how many more months til I have to tackle my closet and quit claiming the just-moved-in-clause?). On my easel is a rotation of not-finished paintings. In my head is a new children’s book I’ll be painting & writing up. So hop along, or dash in and out. Leave comments, or don’t. Agree with me, or not. It’s up to you.

About marylekoshereillustrated

I remember pressing Silly Putty on the "Funnies" and peeling it back to see Charlie Brown printed on the putty. I remember my love of Disney animated movies. And Curious George. I remember family outings to the library and coming home with half the children's book section. And here I am, as a married woman, an adult if you will, with a fine collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Peanuts, the list goes on... I've been a cartoonist (only a little one) and I've taken to creating my own children's books (yet to be published). Maybe someday a child will go to a library and come home with my artwork. Art is a beautiful thing. I feel blessed being a part of it. My work will take up a lifetime. Being an artist is inseparable from life. You're born one, like it or not. So welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world, illustrated.

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  1. Very nice pictures of your kids 🙂


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