The $43.55 Bucket of Blueberries, or the Pancake Recipe That Will Change Your Life

The boys are bathing. 

That means freedom for me–relative freedom. Sitting near the bathroom door, reading or pinning fattening things or watching Project Runway, and glancing over to make sure there are still two curly brown heads above the water. Check


Last Sunday, Sawaya was on call-meaning a ridiculous long day–so killing time felt like the thing to do, and blueberries were half-off. It was quite the rainy weekend, but I took a chance–little boys don’t melt anyway–and set out. It’s a bit of a hike, especially when you’re terribly bad at finding anyplace and take an unnecessary detour. Then, I was out in the boonies, on a curvy narrow road. Depth perception not being my finest quality, I went off the edge a bit… a rather jaggety edge…and bam. There went my tire. Not so bad–we were about to replace it anyways. I drove into the gravel drive of a quaint little farm. Judging by the pretty little white house and neat barn, Norman Bates was not a worry. I dug out the spare and the jack I didn’t know how to use… when Matthew Cuthbert in the form of a 2014 grease monkey pulled up in his magical truck. He quietly changed my tire, and filled it from a hose attached to his truck (I told you it was magical). Onward. 



Blueberry picking was lovely. The bushes were on a hillside above a little farm. It was peaceful and drippy, a black cow lending its square shape to the tall yellow grass.  Voices drifted out of the thick bushes, friendly, muffly conversations. The crickets sang in the wet grasses and a dog barked in the distance. Sadly, half-a-bucket in, the kids gave out, after being put off and even told a Baby Stegosaurus story (a current favorite). The blueberries were ridiculously cheap, $3.55, adding to my sadness of leaving.  

The $40? Oh. I ruined the rim too, not just the tire. 

That night, as any decent human being would do, I made blueberry pancakes. Only, I was (am) dieting, so I couldn’t have one. Not all stories have happy endings. 


You must try this recipe. It’s pancake heaven. It’s originally from Allrecipes–only I add vanilla. WHY would one leave out vanilla in a pancake? Beats me. 


*Note, I highly (highly highly) recommend King Arthur’s Flour. It’s high-gluten and so yummy. Wait. Did I just really recommend high-gluten when gluten-free is all the rage? Why yes, yes I did. 

1 Cup flour –if not using high-gluten, increase the flour by a little bit. 2-3 Tablespoons? Try that. Hey, I’m no chef. Just make       ’em fluffy.

2 TBS white sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 egg, slightly beaten

1 cup milk

2 TBS veg oil

1-2 tsp vanilla

Mix dry ingredients, make well in center, add wet ingredients. Wisk. Fry in bacon grease for best results. If no bacon grease… butter will do. Lay down butter 


1. Use King Arthur whole wheat flour and substitute apple butter for the veg oil. Autumn, meet your soul-mate. 

2. Melt 4 TBS (or so) butter, dump in some cinnamon and sugar, add 1/2 cup (or so) of pancake batter. Set aside. Pour regular pancake batter on griddle, and swirl in the cinnamon/sugar mix. Oh.Yum. (pssst. you can still use syrup. Just don’t tell your doctor.) 

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I remember pressing Silly Putty on the "Funnies" and peeling it back to see Charlie Brown printed on the putty. I remember my love of Disney animated movies. And Curious George. I remember family outings to the library and coming home with half the children's book section. And here I am, as a married woman, an adult if you will, with a fine collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Peanuts, the list goes on... I've been a cartoonist (only a little one) and I've taken to creating my own children's books (yet to be published). Maybe someday a child will go to a library and come home with my artwork. Art is a beautiful thing. I feel blessed being a part of it. My work will take up a lifetime. Being an artist is inseparable from life. You're born one, like it or not. So welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world, illustrated.

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