On the Easel

I imagine the non-painters of the world envision painting as quite romantic. Like people do innkeeping (but that’s another story.) Sometimes (a lot of times) you paint when you don’t feel much like painting. Lately, I’ve been in a groove–painting consistently–and I’ve found it changes my feelings towards it in a positive way.

I suspect marathon runners have similar feelings about the pending 12-mile-morning-run. I wouldn’t know. I still dread my Friday morning 20-something minute jog. But that has more to do with getting up earlier than usual and organizing two children into the car. Boy that is not my favorite activity.

Back to art. Here’s recent projects I’ve finished and some in progress.

My second-cousin, or first cousin-once-removed. I'm not sure, actually.

My second-cousin, or first cousin-once-removed. I’m not sure, actually.

in oil...

in oil…

Corn in process...

Corn in process…


Got to pick what to do next.  These are from Germany... yep, even the Zebra...

Got to pick what to do next. These are from Germany… yep, even the Zebra…






About marylekoshereillustrated

I remember pressing Silly Putty on the "Funnies" and peeling it back to see Charlie Brown printed on the putty. I remember my love of Disney animated movies. And Curious George. I remember family outings to the library and coming home with half the children's book section. And here I am, as a married woman, an adult if you will, with a fine collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Peanuts, the list goes on... I've been a cartoonist (only a little one) and I've taken to creating my own children's books (yet to be published). Maybe someday a child will go to a library and come home with my artwork. Art is a beautiful thing. I feel blessed being a part of it. My work will take up a lifetime. Being an artist is inseparable from life. You're born one, like it or not. So welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world, illustrated.

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