A Monster Birthday Party for a Wildman

I wish I had one of those houses where people could wander in at any moment. Instead, my house regularly looks like the floor of the Duggar family van after an extended road trip.

The most obvious solution to housekeeping woes is: invite guests. The social pressure to pretend you don’t get down to using serving spoons for the sugar bowl, or that you actually put dirty diapers in the trashcan is immense.

We had two rounds of guest, back to back. The first, friends, who we dragged out in the bitter cold to go hiking. Then, my Mother-in-law from Germany, who wanted to experience an American Thanksgiving. Bingo. Enter my family, who’s girth enables an excessive amount of holiday chaos. So we watched The Macy Parade, and squeezed into a waaay too small of house for 31 warm bodies and about as many dishes. On Friday, we went Black Friday Shopping–to Old Navy, that was sporting half-off everything. We got stuck in a traditionally-appropriate-Black-Friday-length-line next to a Chatty Cathy who, about six-months before, got inspired to do a home-dye-job, then immediately gave up the trend. Saturday, was party-day, and the pressure was on. My mother-in-law–bless her!–was such help. She cooked up the hamburger for me, stuffed candy into Crochet’d monsters and put stickers on tables. (Nothing says “Welcome to America” quite like cooking 10 pounds of sloppy joe meat.)

Sunday, we drove back up to Virginia, and Monday went to our favorite Christmas tree farm, Lowe’s. Tuesday, we drove down to Charlotte, where my Mother-in-law flew away home, to content herself with experiencing future American Holidays via The Family Stone and Miracle on 34th Street.

The big sign is for a future quilt--each invite included a  quilt square for the guests to contribute.

The big sign is for a future quilt–each invite included a quilt square for the guests to contribute.


The culmination of 12 months of “chalkboard updates.”


Monster Cake


Smash cake. Hypothetically, as it never got smashed.


My mother crochet’d these! They are filled with candy.


The Chalkboard Progression


These were supposed to have Twizzlers out the top. Guess who didn’t do a trial-run first. The Twizzlers were too short!


You can only plan so much about a party…:)


Quilt squares


Quilt squares

IMG_9804 IMG_9807 IMG_9812

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I remember pressing Silly Putty on the "Funnies" and peeling it back to see Charlie Brown printed on the putty. I remember my love of Disney animated movies. And Curious George. I remember family outings to the library and coming home with half the children's book section. And here I am, as a married woman, an adult if you will, with a fine collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Peanuts, the list goes on... I've been a cartoonist (only a little one) and I've taken to creating my own children's books (yet to be published). Maybe someday a child will go to a library and come home with my artwork. Art is a beautiful thing. I feel blessed being a part of it. My work will take up a lifetime. Being an artist is inseparable from life. You're born one, like it or not. So welcome to my blog. Welcome to my world, illustrated.

2 responses to “A Monster Birthday Party for a Wildman

  1. So I just stalked your blog for about 1/2 an hour and absolutely love it. It reads like a novel that’s honest but laced with comedy. I met you briefly once at North Hills last spring and had no idea you were a talented artist and writer! Someday I’d love to actually talk to you for real, but for now I just wanted to say you’re doing an amazing job with your business and raising two kids and I’m inspired by your dedication and transparency. I’ll be checking back regularly for more awesomeness 😉


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