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So The Other Day I Tried On Skinny Jeans


Coffee and Calvin

More on this subject later…one of the a-be-mazing (as Kingston says) about creating is becoming a favorite part of someone’s world. 

Dear Mr. Watterson, you have arrived. 

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You know those little exuberant thoughts that flash into your mind like when you’re–oh–sitting in your gray cubicle staring down the paperclip container–that thought of a porch in the late evening, of coffee in your favorite mug? I dream of coffee…and Calvin and Hobbes. 

I’ve loved cartoons for a long time–I used to browse the library section, bringing home Doonesbury, even though I wasn’t alive during Vietnam. I had a job when I was 13 or so and drew up cartoons. In college, I drew them up for the paper, failed the censorship test, printed some. Now they pop into my head now and again, and I’m determined to draw some up and put them here. On zee blog. I hope you enjoy. The others won’t always be printed with paragraphs of dialogue. Can you imagine. 


what I’ve said before…